Hello, summer

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imageNo excuses for the silence on the blog except for summer + work + waiting to feel inspired with words. the first two come to us without work but the third always drags behind.image

we’ve spent the first weeks of summer in the bungalow, with our new roommates, the cutest of which is 9 months old. we’ve traveled to the mountains to share our story with my childhood church and were joined by so many from our bridal party. we sat on the beach for a week with siblings and babies who had never seen the ocean before and who filled us with curiosity and wonder. we’ve sat by the pool with friends for the Fourth of July and celebrated a sibling and cousin’s wedding. and now we head to the lake, Ian’s favorite place in the world, for a week sure to be bound with happiness despite loss, and where Ian will be surrounded by voices that he’s known always.

imageand he still works hard to walk, and get better at talking, and he’s re-learning to fold laundry and empty dishwashers and clean floors, all because he wants to help his wifey.

so this summer has been full but we have been well and God has always been with us.





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  Comments: 4

  1. Trish Magnante

    Blessings onto you both! All things are possible through God who strengthens you both!

  2. Becky Jacobsen

    So good to hear from you! God bless.

  3. Denise Reynolds

    May God splash the two of you with His richest blessings in what remains of the summer. Thank you for taking the time to post!

    …with love from afar…
    Sioux City, Iowa

  4. Sounds like a happy, busy summer!

    Still praying.

    Mary Ann K.

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