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we talk about these a lot, the littles, the little big moments that give, something.





because sometimes (most of the time) the big things don’t make sense. but the little glimpses allow us to keep breathing.


like the way for that moment the light hit just right and causes you to stop and watch.


or the way her hair flutters in the stroller, as her blue green eyes search the sky to understand the colors.


or the crackling of a morning fire on the patio.


they’re little things that, much more on hard days, mean someone knows how much we need to see Him.






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  Comments: 3

  1. Carol L Jarvis

    I’m reading your book now and I watched your and Ian’s story video. I wept through it. I’m tearing up just to think about. The things you talk about in your book touches my heart in such a way. It’s like being there with you.

    It’s so wonderful to see how your lives are going and to see the progress in Ian’s life and the grace that God so wonderfully give you and Ian. I just pray all the best for you both. Because of your share, I find myself asking God to show me him. That I may sense his presence and his watching me.

    God bless you both so very much! May God’s mighty hand continually bring you both such peace and great hope as he continues to touch your lives and heal Ian, more and more every day.

    Feels so good to be able to say, In his love,

  2. Melanie Ewert

    Yes… your friend’s smile. Her little wedges of chocolate after a sleepless night. The things that remind you that He notices and He cares.

  3. I can so relate to this post…

    Four years ago my life seemed like a pleasant walk through the woods, then it became like a hike up the mountain-not so bad, then it turned into a rough hike over rocky terrain. Maybe I’d have a mountain top experience…Then a blizzard hit at the top of the mountain, then an avalanche down, until I was buried under the rubble, it’s been a painful dig out and, hopefully now…

    But, I’m not sure that I’ve made it to solid ground yet. It is the little things along the way that have kept me going, they’ve reminded me I’m not alone, even though it often seems like I am. I think the little things give hope, at least to me, because the big is too overwhelming.

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