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a little letter to my lovey on our ten year date-iversary,

a letter because ten years is long and is a third of the time we’ve had breath. we met when we were twenty-something babies and were so good at being babies that we thought we had it all figured out.

ten years ago we were burning with wanting and with love that laid on the surface of everything we touched. ten years has dug that love deeper, so deep that sometimes it can’t even be found on the surface, but it’s there because we promised it always would be.

im glad you asked me to dinner ten years ago and that you wore your light pink shirt. we now live just above that restaurant and I wonder what we would have done if we could’ve looked up the hill and into the future.

im glad you soon told me you loved me and kissed me and told me everything in your heart.

thank you, after ten years, for always choosing love, always choosing forgiveness, always choosing me. even in my darkest, not unlike today, you hem me in and anchor my heart and never feed me guilt.

thank you for choosing to love my broken heart again and again and for believing that this prison of a body we now live in won’t always be lived in and for believing that He will bind my wounds in ways you cannot.

thank you for letting His name always be in your heart and coming out of your breaths. thank you for washing me over with His name, letting me hear His name, praying to His name over me.

thank you you for not giving up – on me, this marriage or this life-long attempt at understanding Him.

i love you, my tom cruise



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  Comments: 1

  1. becky miller jacobsen

    You are like a mirror that reflects God’s love, from the room you are in to all of us out here. I thank God for being the light and for you two who choose to reflect it. Know that I am, have been and will continue to pray for strength and love for you both.

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