the third wheel

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“I feel like the third wheel, not being in a wheelchair,” our sister in law said. it was probably the first time she’d felt that and that we’d heard those words. we were making our way up, couple by couple, in the tiny restaurant elevator that was probably only there by law, not preference.

we had only known them then for a few hours, maybe not even 24, but they already felt comfortable. and not because their life was in a wheelchair too. we’ve certainly met others who shared that life circumstance with us.

it wasn’t just because they have a traumatic life story, either. if that were the case, we would all four of us just only ever be searching for friendships with people who are just as bad off as we are.

we like to think it was because of the laughter, that a conference in Austin gave us people who we want to now know forever. the laughter that started immediately in the hotel lobby and continued on stage and kept going with the sad tears too.

it was the laughter of two women arguing over who’s life sucks more, who has more courage to get out of bed, and who is more dependent on a glass of wine at the end of the day.

thank you, jay and catherine, for being in our lives. we hope to visit your sunny state soon.




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